Marbella Arena


Ebi Hamedi performs in Marbella Arena

This time, on Saturday 2 September, it’s the turn of the legendary Ebi, the Iranian singer who transcends borders despite the ban in his native Iran.

Known for his unique fusion of traditional Persian music, Western pop and Latin rhythms, Ebi has left an indelible mark on the global music scene for five decades. Despite the fact that his music has been banned in Iran since the Islamic revolution, his popularity has only grown, both in his home country and internationally. His fan base now spans three generations of Iranians around the world.

His musical journey began with the group Sun Boys, but his innate ability to communicate and connect quickly took him to the top of the charts, with standout tracks such as “Persian Gulf”, “Politically charged” and “Shab (Night)“. These songs not only offer catchy melodies, but also lyrics that reveal the courage of an artist willing to denounce political and social injustices through his art.

A Committed Musician

Ebi is not only a musician, but also an activist. His strong stance against political injustice, the oppression of women and his constant charitable impulse make him much more than just a performer; he is an agent of change, a standard bearer of values that are reflected in every note and word of his songs. Tickets for this event are available now at: 

Having sold tickets to the most iconic venues from the Royal Albert Hall to the Sydney Opera House to Wembley Stadium, his performance at the Marbella Arena promises to be a show full of passion, energy and excitement. The city of Marbella, where Ebi has chosen to reside, will experience the epitome of luxury and entertainment on a captivating summer night.

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