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Chris de Burgh chooses Marbella Arena

Chris de Burgh Marbella Arena

On 30 September, the iconic Marbella Arena will open its doors to welcome acclaimed Irish-Argentinian artist Chris de Burgh, in a show organised by Fun Time Productions and with the collaboration of Chilli FM. With a musical career spanning more than five decades, De Burgh will delight audiences with his distinctive vocal style that fuses art rock, folk and blues.

Born in Argentina but raised in Ireland, Chris de Burgh catapulted to worldwide fame with his iconic tune “The Lady in Red”. This single, released in 1986, not only reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, but also reached an impressive third place on the Billboard Hot 100. The song became a global phenomenon, creating a special bond even with Princess Diana, who thought the lyrics were dedicated to her. However, the song was actually written for De Burgh’s wife, also named Diana.

Chris de Burgh Marbella Arena

De Burgh began his career in the mid-1970s, opening for the band Super-tramp on two tours. Throughout his career, he has explored a variety of musical genres, making his mark with sentimental ballads, pop hits and even English-language payadas. He has sold more than 45 million albums worldwide and is very popular in Latin American countries.

A musical success story

Beyond his hit “The Lady in Red”, De Burgh has maintained a special relationship with the figure of Princess Diana, dedicating the song “There’s A New Star Up in Heaven Tonight” to her after her unfortunate death in 1997.

Chris de Burgh, with his warm stage presence and remarkable vocal range, guarantees an exceptional show in Marbella Arena, allowing spectators to enjoy a repertoire full of hits and melodies that have marked several generations.

Those interested in attending the concert can purchase their tickets through the following link: Marbella Arena – Chris de Burgh.

Marbella Arena continues to position itself as a benchmark in the entertainment sector, offering a varied calendar of events that allows you to enjoy high quality shows throughout the year.

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