Marbella Arena


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Bread & Buns Swedish Bakery

The best Swedish pastries are directly in Marbella.

Who said that to enjoy the classic sweets you have to go to the country of origin?


In BREAD AND BUNS you will find a wide variety of cakes and sweets typical of Sweden, always handmade and with the greatest affection.

+34 672 57 42 91


Your car deserves the best and we are going to give it to you.

Care N Shine offers one of the best cleaning services for your vehicle, specially designed for all the high range: Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini…


If you need a vehicle for a special event we also offer our own renting service.


So much more than just food

We serve with love the best quality of food and drinks that fuels and energizes people and boosts their mood.


We welcome them in our comfortable cozy place where people can be their authentic selfs and feel appreciated just for the way they are.


The Cozy team serves you more than food and drinks.

+34 951 66 01 51
604 41 80 40

Da Bruno Express

Authentic Italian quality… to go

Da Bruno’s aim is to raise the bar for the Take Away and Delivery concept by bringing high quality pizza and pasta to the home of the most discerning diners. At the same time we offer customers who are short on time the possibility to take their food away, enjoy a slice of pizza sliced to order or savour the food sitting on the terrace.
+34 672 57 42 91


Heat and sun? Synonymous with a good ice cream.

Don’t forget to stop by Dolce Di Napoli for that ice cream after a good meal with friends or just to give yourself that little treat you deserve.
+34 672 57 42 91


The classics never fail.

At Hot Dog Truck you’ll find the authentic taste of the American hot dog.

Choose your favourite toppings and order a hot dog made to order, simply delicious!

La Terraza Marbella Arena
+34 672 57 42 91


Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At La Terraza you won’t have to choose, enjoy the sweet and savoury breakfast menu.During lunch and dinner you can try a variety of wraps, crepes, quesadillas and salads.

+34 603 25 25 54

MANDAZI Bar & Bites

Rations, burgers, a good cocktail?

All that and much more at Mandazi, the best place when you don’t know what you want but you feel like enjoying a wide variety in the best company.

+34 604 402 796

Miss Raw


Miss Raw was created in the saddest and most cruel time we have witnessed so far! It’s far from perfect, but perfectly done!


Without any formal education, she became a successful power girl from an early age! She had all a girl can dream of! Dream income, dream life! Travelled the world, wined and dined at Michelin restaurants to street food in Bangkok! It all seem to be perfect, until she lost it all! But nothing stopped her to built it up again.


Now she wanted to create a place where you forget the world outside, where you get that raw feeling of Miss Raw’s journey. From the handcrafted art on the walls, to the colours of the smallest detail, and the raw, simple but still delicious Asian Fusion Menu completed with our delectable cocktail menu.


Nothing in this restaurant is done without a touch from Miss Raw. Miss Raw is welcoming you to an unforgettable Raw experience: Delicious Asian fusion food, crazy and creative cocktails that will make you dance on the tables Marbella style!




Taste Spain

Shopping Arena is the ticket sales point for all events taking place in Marbella Arena.

You can also find tobacco products and a wide variety of typical products of our country.

+34 672 57 42 91


Mediterranean and casual.

Mediterranean flavor does not have to be tied to the classic restaurant, Oliva Grill proves that Mediterranean food can be perfectly combined with food truck style and fast service.

+34 672 599 432

Scandi Candy

We are a Scandinavian store with everything tasty from Scandinavian.

We offer everything from delicious pick and mix candy, sugar free and vegan candy and a lot of Chocolate. We also offer tasty sugar-free and normal drinks, as well as delicious fresh shakes with optional topping.


Come and visit us you will not regret.


Travel to New York through the flavors of Schwartz Marbella.

Authentic American restaurant specialising in pastrami.

Enjoy the taste of our wide variety of dishes surrounded by the peculiar decoration that characterizes us and our karaoke nights.

+34 603 58 18 77


Meat and Argentina go hand in hand, don’t you believe us?

Stop by Shelby Club de Carne and enjoy the authentic Argentinean grill, a good wine and a very rocker aesthetic.

+34 672 57 42 91


Don’t let hunger slow your pace.

From the Caribbean to Marbella, SHRIMP & GO puts at your fingertips the authentic Caribbean flavor, all in a comfortable way and to go.

+34 604 402 796

Takito Mexican Experience

La primera taquería auténtica en la costa del sol.

Disfruta de nuestro brunch de 9 de la mañana a las 4 de la tarde.

Y de cena… TACOS. De 6 a 11 de la noche TAKITO se convierte en taquería, cevichería y coctelería mexicana.

Torre de Belém

100% Portuguese Restaurant.

Traditional Portuguese food and drink surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. Every Sunday we have live piano music during lunch and dinner hours.
+34 951 66 43 43


Barbershop and cocktails? Why not?

Sometimes the craziest combinations give the best results.

In Umbrellas Marbella you can enjoy the best drinks while you get facial care of the level you deserve.

We also have DJ sessions from Thursday to Sunday, what are you waiting for?

+34 672 57 42 91


In Antica Bruschetteria you can find classic dishes for all tastes.

It’s not every day that you want to try new things, sometimes you just want that typical dish that brings back good memories.