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Marbella Arena concerts return with D-A-D’s rock

The legendary Danish band will give in Marbella their only concert in Spain on May 20th, reopening the music events’ season in Marbella Arena

Marbella Arena concerts are back again this year with an exclusive performance by the Danish rock band D-A-D. With a career spanning over 35 years, this band is one of Denmark’s most internationally successful rock groups.

marbella arena concerts

The live rock sound of this band, which has more than 12 released albums, will take over Marbella Arena in an unique concert that will include classics such as Sleeping My Day Away, Burning Star, Grow Or Pay, A Prayer For The Loud, Point Of View or Everything Glows. An exclusive opportunity for rock lovers, as it is the only concert that D-A-D is offering in Spain. Tickets are already available at the following link:

During summer, Marbella Arena concerts become one of the main attractions of the city, filling it with shows and different music styles. Luis Miguel Martín, the president of Marbella Arena Group, has stated that “we continue working to fill a full agenda of concerts and shows at the level of the place where we are, as we did last season, and we will be announcing new dates soon”.

Along Marbella Arena concerts, the place is also a meeting point to enjoy a diverse international cuisine. The Italian, Asian, Portuguese, Swedish, American and Caribbean foods mix together to offer a gastronomic experience for all tastes.

In addition, Marbella Arena has two weekly markets throughout all year. On Saturdays, the site hosts a popular traditional and antiques market, while on Sundays the Street Market Arena takes place, which is an original market that combines live music with a wide variety of organic and handmade products, including decoration, art, clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Stay tuned for more news, events and other Marbella Arena concerts in here.

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